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Exiled from Court takes place in Albarzia in the 19th century, a fictional setting based on Brazil well-known for its immoral and mischievous citizens and its monarchy's corruption.

You play as The Hedonist, a young noble exiled from court looking to find their way back.

  • Play as male, female or non-binary, with your gender impacting the world around you;
  • Romance six different characters (three men and three women);
  • Four different reasons for your exile;
  • Deal with your problematic family;
  • Fight to be reinstated at Court;
  • Attempt to become a better person...
  • …Or spend all your time enjoying every single one of life’s pleasures

Romantic Options (ROs):

  • Camila (bar owner and your friend);
  • Sabina (a nun):
  • Narcissa (the Emperor's mistress);
  • Val (a Broody Boy™);
  • Calvin (the Emperor's advisor);
  • Harry (your sister's husband)
StatusIn development
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(336 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsComedy, Historical, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Meaningful Choices, Romance, Story Rich, Text based, Twine
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
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I love your writing style and storytelling! Your work is amazing! Definitely an inspiration for how I wish to write. 💖😤


I'm in love with this IF fr💌

Thank you very much <3


This was a really neat demo! im excited to see whats coming next 

Thanks :-)


man this is fun! i really like the MC's personality, especially when they say "the world can only handle so many extraordinary people" or something. charismatic characters are my favorite !


I love charismatic characters too! Thank you <3


literally obsessed with this story the characters are all so well written and interesting (love to make val blush).

still hoped to slap all the family members with every inch of my body, damn incoherent dad.

still amazing job cant wait for updates

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No slapping around these parts, but you'll get to tell them off in the future. Thank you :-)


Bruuuh how dare Dad be so upset about the scandal of an unmarried person but be having an active affair. >:(

Also I had fun; thanks for making this game. :)


Thanks :-)


agreed what an arse.


First off, I really enjoy the world-building, which has created a rich alternate-history that feels both familiar and fresh at the same time, which - for me at least - made it easy to slip into the setting and really immerse myself in it. Your prose is astoundingly well-suited for it, matching the MC's insouciant personality perfectly without tipping over into too-florid purple prose, and the ROs that we've met so far are equally well-characterized, making them rewarding to interact with whether or not one chooses to romance them. I'm also looking forward to the MC's reintroduction to courtly life, and hopefully we'll be given the chance to actually play politics, as opposed to having politics happen without our choices/MC having any actual impact on it. (Admittedly, that last part is optional, since I know not everyone likes political maneuvering in their historical romantic interactive fiction; but I do, so I'm hoping for it!)

There were only two things that... Well, they didn't exactly bother me, but I figured I'd mention them anyway.

1. Early on, there's the mention of "Albarzia being a country of fools," and the MC's response to the aphorism. I'm not sure if this is based on an actual saying about 19th-century Brazil, but the MC's response sounds a little too pat for someone who, in just about every other response, doesn't come off as someone who has strong opinions on that kind of thing. It seems like it would make sense to be able to pick their response to such a mindset from outsiders, from the canon retort to indifference, more outright indignant, etc.

2. I'd like more opportunities to, for lack of a better phrase, tell off your father in Chapter Four; currently, all options either lean towards reconciliation or result in the MC all but having childish tantrums, as if only a child wouldn't 'be nice to Dad.' I'd at least like the opportunity to be cold towards the MC's father, making it clear that I'll play along to regain the benefits of Court but have no interest in forgiving him. As of now, it feels like the game is punishing the player who doesn't immediately want rapprochement with the (hypocritical) (judgmental) parent who's still acting as if they have the moral high ground, despite the fact that it's clear that the MC was/is hurt by what happened. Even if the father regrets what happened or feels he was pushed to it, the player's viewpoint is the MC's, so naturally we're more aligned to the way our MC feels and reacts.

These are, of course, my subjective opinions, and they in no way detracted from the enjoyment I experienced while playing the rest of the game. I'm interested in further exploring the world of Albarzia, and I'm intrigued by how things may play out from here. Excellent work, and I look forward to seeing how things progress in the future!

Thank you very much! These are very, very nice compliments. <3  :-)

As for your points:

  1. Great point. It's not really something I'd given any thought to before. I agree it seems out of character for The Hedonist (aka the MC) to have such a strong opinion on that saying.
  2. Thank you for pointing this out. It wasn't my intention to punish the player for going against their father; my intended approach is to let the player react as they'd like while still remaining true to The Hedonist (who, despite being hurt by their father, still loves him and wants his respect, even if they pretend not to). The childish responses are on purpose—The Hedonist is someone still stuck on their teenage years. They are often correct when speaking out about their family, but tend to react in a manner that doesn't inspire trust from other people due to their adolescent behavior.

I'm currently on a writing hiatus, so I'm not sure if I'll be changing the scenes you mentioned once I get back to it (mostly because, in the current short amount of time I have to write, if I keep going back on already published stuff, I won't get anything new done!). However, I will definitely keep your comments in mind, particularly when it comes to writing future scenes with Henry.

(5 edits)

You're welcome! You and your writing deserves to be complimented, after all!

In regards to the MC's childishness: That's fine, but my issue is that none of the options that result in semi-tantrums or the MC's dad putting them down come off that way when presented as a choice. For example: It seems perfectly reasonable for the MC (who had an affair with Harry) to point out their father's hypocrisy, but it results in the narration/MC calling themselves a petty child and the father giving a sanctimonious "maybe we're not so different, HUH?" gotcha. Or, when the MC had genuine feelings for Harry and is clearly upset about his brushing off the affair, the father doesn't have any qualms about prodding MC about it rather callously, and "I don't blame you" is a far cry from "I'm sorry" or "I understand," or even "I'm not going to say anything because our family doesn't do feelings, but I at least don't want to make you feel worse when you obviously feel bad already."

I suppose my problems are twofold: First, it doesn't telegraph the whole response, with most choices sounding normal or neutral when the actual result is "MC acts irrational/emotional, MC's father is condescending and paternalistic and you just take it." It subsequently makes the choice feel either misleading or inconsequential.

Secondly, the MC's father doesn't come off as the good, loving parent he apparently feels he is, and which the player, the MC, and the narrative isn't allowed to dispute: Ex. every time the MC's past comes up, their father basically tells them that they've always been terrible, and he (the father) managed to at least look respectable while being a hypocrite, so really, it's the MC's fault. It comes off as pretty toxic, and the MC isn't even allowed to think 'Wow, F this guy' in their own narration! At one point, the MC talks about having harsh things they wanted to say, but now they don't want to; considering that the player is supposed to be steering the MC, this reads like a lack of agency, especially given that at least one player (guilty!) wanted to say harsh things to the MC's dad. It's great to be able to choose your RO and how to backtalk coachmen, but you have no say in something as big as "You still love and respect your father, who at best is emotionally neglectful and at worst is emotionally abusive?" Having the narrative dictate that is... unpalatable.

I mean. This guy drops a bomb on his kid, implicitly ropes said kid into covering for his own indiscretions, then says, "Also, you're such an embarrassment that I found a nun to babysit you, because you destroying your life made me feel bad." The adulterous, semi-treasonous/half-hearted reformer who feels that this is the right time to snark at their shaken child (ex. struggling not to laugh at MC's understandable bewilderment after Sabine is introduced) feels that the MC needs a moral guide. And then he puts his hand on the MC's shoulder, all Father Knows Best. And gets in one last shot at the MC. Ugh.

Sorry, I realize that I'm going on about this, and I'm probably the one person who's hung up on it, but the whole sequence really stood out as jarring and unpleasant in a game that I otherwise wholeheartedly enjoyed.

it doesn't telegraph the whole response

Ahh, I see! That issue with the way choices are worded could easily be fixed, I believe.

considering that the player is supposed to be steering the MC, this reads like a lack of agency,

Well, yes, you're right, but to be fair, you don't have much agency most of the time anyway. I've gotten a fair share of complaints over this, but the truth of the matter is, there'll be plenty of times where The Hedonist will do something you don't agree with. They have a mind of their own, so to say.

One last thing: I've said this before, but the whole sequence is supposed to make you uncomfortable. It's a difficult and awful time for The Hedonist, and I wanted you to feel the way they do as well. A lot of the problems you seem to have with Henry are on purpose and supposed to make you feel so pissed off. The whole family is composed of, um, contentious characters, to put it mildly.

Once again, thank you for this. You've given me interesting stuff to think about.

(4 edits) (-1)

It is clearly intentional, but you may want to add something to the game page indicating that the player doesn't have the typical freedom of choice associated with modern IF; it hews closer to a visual novel, where the MC is fully-formed. The fact that the MC is essentially a premade character is worth mentioning/clarifying, as you might get fewer complaints over the lack of agency if players don't go into the game with false expectations about how much control they actually have.

Regarding the MC's father: There's a lot of variation within the umbrella of "problematic family," and after meeting Evie (the relationship is strained, but not what I'd call problematic) and their grandmother (who is supportive and great), it's a bit of whiplash to meet the father, who toes the line on being abusive. I would have appreciated a trigger warning, not just because of the character and his interactions with the MC but because the game enforces the MC's helplessness in response.

I'm not trying to tell you how to write your game, but I would have appreciated a chance to decide whether or not I was okay with its restrictions before I encountered them firsthand, especially given that player agency is one of the hallmarks/selling points of IF. If someone picks up a slice of life novel and a gruesome murder happens in Chapter Two, the author might achieve the shocked reaction they want, but the reader who protests, "You said it's a slice of life! I didn't want to read a murder!" is still valid. A response of "To be fair, I always knew that I was including the murder, so it's exactly as planned!" doesn't mean much to a reader who was misled, intentionally or otherwise.

Players should have agency even if the player character does not, so players should be informed of potentially triggering content (emotional abuse from a parent) and lack of agency (which prevents you from, among other things, responding meaningfully to said parent) before they start. Players appreciate knowing these things, and you won't have to keep telling people "That's not a bug, it's a feature!"

The fact that the MC is essentially a premade character is worth mentioning/clarifying, as you might get fewer complaints over the lack of agency if players don't go into the game with false expectations about how much control they actually have.

Oh, I'll definitely do this. I can't believe I never thought of it before. It'll certainly save me a lot of trouble.

I'll be honest, I don't see Henry as emotionally abusive at all, nor do I think the slice of life/murder comparison is completely apt here. I never felt like I was tricking players, and it was never the intention. 

I have gotten a lot of different interpretations of the family, and this is the first time I hear Henry painted this way. Although, in my opinion, this is more of a "agree to disagree" situation.


I wanted to think this over for a bit before I said anything. I think the only thing that bothers me about the game is the way "choices" are set up. I didn't think there was a point in being allowed to choose your gender, appearance, and how you were exiled. It added to what flavor of emotions with the MC you get, but you ultimately don't choose to act on it. The MC is acting for you, which doesn't work the way you've set it up. If the MC is a set character, like Geralt, the variations don't mean anything. I'd rather you didn't attempt it at all, and just focused on coming up with choices I can make as this set character. I don't want to see four options boiling down to "O que??? Estou muito confuso, vovó! Meu Deus."

There's hints given that the MC doesn't have to go back to Court, and what those options might look like. It talks about consequences. There's build up to a crossroads choice to make, then the crossroads doesn't happen for the player. You've decided there won't be one. To me, you take too much control away from the player. I felt like it's less of a game of choice and more of a novel. The absence of major choices is noticeable.

However, I do understand if it's just to get you to meet everyone in the demo. Other than that, it's really the only issue I have with the game. I greatly appreciate that you updated the game to include things like a content warning and a dark mode. Your writing is also very good! I really would love to see more. Much love to Brasil.

Muito obrigada :-)

I'm not sure I understand your point, though?

You are correct; The Hedonist (the MC) acts for the player. However, the variations do mean something. Your exile route, for example, shows up in the conversation with Evie and your father, and will continue changing the way you play the game until the end. As a matter of fact, there are completely different ways your conversation with The Hedonist's father can go depending on why you were exiled.

I'm also not sure why choosing your gender and appeareance matters or not in this case? It wouldn't have affected the story even if the MC was a blank character. (There are also small variations depending on your gender.) It's just a way for the player to have some fun, since most players of this kind of IF like having this sort of choice.

As for the Court thing, those are hints for the future. Not for now. If The Hedonist were to choose not to return to Court, then there is no game. Their character development is dependent on returning to Court.

I hope I don't come across as dismissive, because I do understand where you're coming from. It's just that, in my opinion, everything you mentioned does make sense when you consider the sort of story I'm trying to tell.


If/when you make the full game, please keep it on itch, and in HTML5, because I really do enjoy playing it.

(1 edit) (+1)

No worries, unless something happens to this platform (which I doubt), it'll always remain on itch.io.


omg i really enjoyed the demo and cant wait for what comes next!!


Thank you very much :-)


Oh this is fucking excellent this is. Can't wait for more content this is one of my favourite text games so far.

Thank you! <3


This is one of the best games I've ever played story-wise, it's lore is so interesting and it really invests you in the MC's backstory and makes you feel like you're actually there, I just can't wait for more updates, though I and many other people understand that a game of such quality and detail isn't made in three hours, so take your time and do your best !!
Greetings  from Panama btw

Thank you, you're too kind! I appreciate your patience, I know it must be tiring to wait for updates. :-)


Eu sempre quis jogar algum IF sobre o Brasil mas nunca encontrei.  Parabéns pelo jogo incrível e estou ansioso por mais !

Muito obrigada! <3


Eu fazendo a rota do Harry pra ver barraco, e o menino não tá ainda kkkk

O jogo é lindoo demais, muito bem escrito e imersivo! Ansiosa para o novo capitulo ;)


Muito obrigada!


Hello! Really enjoying the game so far, but I wanted to ask when Sabina appears in the game? I've never met her.


Hi! She appeared on the last chapter. Have you played through the latest update?


Ahh I feel so bad giving criticism, I promise it's intended to be constructive. Basically I just didn't expect the non-binary MC to get misgendered/deadnamed as part of the story, and I was disappointed that you can't change their hair length because it's gender locked according to AGAB. Obviously it's your choice what sort of society you write about, that's not the issue. I guess what I'm suggesting is that you add a content warning 

Otherwise I found that it was well written, and I liked the Hedonist's personality! Val is my favourite out of the characters we've met so far, but Camila is pretty great too :)


No need to feel bad! Thank you for your feedback, and the nice comments.

I will add a content warning on the next update about the deadnaming. I hope that didn't bring you any distress, I should have added a warning earlier, but never really gave it too much thought.

As for the hairstyles, I honestly didn't remember I did that—I don't agree with that anymore, and it no longer fits the narrative. I'm not sure if I'll have time to change it soon, but I'll keep it on my to-do list. :-)


Mona tu pisa

kkkkkkkkkk brigada <3

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I really enjoyed playing this, but it won't allow me to save. I tried to save both normally and to the disk, but it pops up with an error. :(


Thank you :-) I've never seen that error before. Could you please try cleaning your browser's cookies? That might help.

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for replying! I will try it and report back in case anyone else has/gets this error too.

Edit: Clearing cookies didn't solve the problem, but since I was using the itch.io client when I had the error, I tried playing in Firefox instead, and that worked.


I really enjoyed this, I'm looking forward to what happens next!

Thank you!


the hedonist is such a mood oh my god. 'hmmm.. i should be doing this... but im gonna get drunk instead~' also the fact that harry is a romance option LOL SORRY NOT SORRY SIS. MR STEAL YOUR MAN OVER HERE asgfdnlojald



Hi! Im sorry, but why I can't click the game? Is there something wrong with the link? I really want to play it 😭😭

Hi! You're the person who ended up sending me a message on Tumblr, right?

Eu tenho só uma única critica, acho que até faz um pouco de coro com o Cazca ae embaixo, eu gostaria de ter mais controle sobre a personalidade do personagem, claro, eu entendo que ele (a) tem seus problemas desde a infância e pela maneira que o personagem é escrito não é anormal reagir de maneira tão intensa e emotiva, mas essa não é só uma história, é uma visual novel interativa! (Dã, Anders) Eu, como jogador, gostaria de ter mais liberdade para escolher como ele reage ou não frente as situações de embate no jogo, até para lembrar um pouco mais como eu mesmo lido com as coisas, até pq, o personagem principal supostamente sou "eu", certo?

Eu já senti isso um pouco na conversa com a "nossa" avó, mas ficou explicito na reunião com o pai, eu senti uma falta de interatividade naquele cena e não gostei de apenas observar meu personagem chorando em desespero sem ter nenhuma escolha a respeito disso (Estou na rota do Affair com o lider do culto), eu gostaria de ter um maior controle sobre suas reações e atitudes e principalmente não deixar o pai me tocar tbm, não que esteja errado o personagem demonstrar emoções tão fortes naquela conversa, é normal após tudo, mas que não fosse a única reação possível, acho que estou querendo dizer, eu gostaria de opções que dessem ao protagonista maior controle/força psicológica, tirando isso, eu estou gostando muito da história e espero ansiosamente pelo próximo capitulo, parabéns pela ótima escrita!


Obrigada, e fico feliz que esteja gostando :-)

Mas, como acabei de responder ali embaixo, a Hedonista não é "você". Ao contrário de diversos outros jogos interativos, ela é uma personagem completa e própria. Você tem algum controle, mas nunca terá muita força psicológica, pois esse não é o objetivo dessa história. 

(1 edit) (+3)

Ahh, this was emotional! Honestly, I wanted the option to not let dear old dad touch MC so much, in their situation I wouldn't allow myself to be touched by the very person hurting my feelings in the first place. (not that MC is entirely innoccent here, but the touching felt really uncomfortable to read bc it didn't fit the mood in my head *at all* and generally the parent would be called on to be the adult in the frigging conversation here)

...Honestly the patronising and the condescension? Off the charts! "Hey you are a terrible person and quite awful, but we are such good people, that we are giving you a chance to learn how to be a "good person"™ from this stranger. Because after just one super short emotionally charged conversation I can see you are still as awful as ever and haven't changed and your attitude certainly doesn't have any other meaning at all or is in any way related to me not changing my own attitude either. I am so nice to love you so much, even though you are a lost cause and it hurts ME so much! Now become just like me and everyone else in this family and start lying and being miserable in secret or die in the gutter where I don't have to watch. Choice is yours!"

Seriously, could you implement the choice to put some distance there and not allow all the patronising shoulder touching? Consoling your child when you're the one sitting there ripping into them feels just... so mothereffing WRONG.

Still, this was amazingly detailed and I still dig this story so much! Thanks for the update and all the work you put into it!


I'm glad you're enjoying :-)

But I'm afraid I won't be implementing such a choice, for two reasons: 1) it's not mean to feel right. It's meant to feel like a clueless father trying to console their child while having absolutely no idea how to do so, and only making things worse. and 2) the most important one: though there is some variation to The Hedonist, overall, they are a set character. You are not meant to self-insert; they're a character on their own. They wouldn't refuse the touching (and, frankly, I don't think there's that much touching coming from Henry anyway? I can only recall two instances off the top of my head), because, simply enough, it doesn't bother them.


Damn, I can't wait for MC to be reunited with Harry! My last comment was like a year ago, asking when he was gonna appear, and you mentioned 'next chapter'! (lol) But seriously, what you've added to the story in the updates since has been good, so I can't really complain that I've had to wait for the reunion. I really hope we get to meet him soon!

In any case, this last chapter with Henry and the revelation was certainly impactful, and my reaction/feelings are pretty much on par with what the the person below me said. I felt quite p*ssed off with Henry and Evie; with my MC being quite a free spirit (who's actually not a bad sort underneath) their manipulation and hypocrisy was a bitter pill to swallow, especially after sincerely trying to help Evie and Henry with their "problem". But I guess that reaction was fully intended, and I can't deny that it was effective in getting a result.

Despite the Sister we're stuck with now, I'm hoping our MC can still break the rules from time to time and won't have to depart too much from herself in order not to get exiled (cos I SERIOUSLY love the hedonistic, sassy MC you've let us have)... maybe it's a matter of a bit more finesse and picking our moments? Plus I'd envisioned my MC having reluctantly carried a torch for Harry ever since their fling, so being in his presence 'again' will be very interesting, and I FULLY intend to get that man (Evie be damned). I'm looking forward to his romance a LOT. :D


LOL Oops! Sorry! Next chapter he'll be introduced for sure. I just ended up reworking the outline.

I'm glad you've been enjoying, and you're right; the reaction was intended. You being pissed means I'm doing my job right :-) I'm sure you'll have fun seeing Harry again in the next update!


So...my jaw has finished its drop and I can attempt to sort out the thoughts that have come along from this new update. 😂

Biggest thing for me is how this update has developed my views about the rest of the family a bit more, mostly in regards to Evie and Henry. They certainly have a lot to say about Hedonist's behavior and openly express it...yet, they have done things that I feel put them on a similar level as Hedonist. Playing as a Hedonist with a hidden heart of gold made what Evie done feel almost like a backstab; she essentially took advantage of her understanably guarded sibling taking a chance to trust her and help her out. She may have apologized on paper, but that oddly felt almost a little cowardly to me; I'm already looking forward to her facing her sibling after the meeting with the father and dealing with the aftermath of her actions. 

And where to begin with Henry, the father of the Hedonist and the one to sentence the exile? It feels like a long list already, and I doubt its going to get any smaller the further Hedonist gets in the story. I am one of the ones who have gone the affair route, so what he did felt extra hypocritical (though honestly, from the different responses played with during that confrontation, Evie doesn't look any better, and Harry somehow ends up looking even worse). But the way he seems to tries to claim control over Hedonist and dangles the offer of being returned to the Court to ensure the cooperation oddly made me think even more poorly of him. Yes, the Hedonist would probably benefit to learn how to rein some of there impulses in and could probably use some guidance on finding other ways to deal with their struggles and build their character. But it's not even really the family that is bothering to help or understand the Hedonist better, they just enlist a nun to step in and expect the Hedonist to dance to the tune they order because they all (especially the dad) seem to be so focused on continuing to protect their appearance, that they don't seem intend to bother considering to use more of their time to actually sit down and honestly talk things out to connect with the estranged family member. One talk isnt enough; if anything is expected to be fixed (and Hedonist shouldn't be the only one made to fix things when some of the stuff are clearly a family.wide issue), things need to be laid out on the table more and they should be prepared to have to deal with all the pent up issues their faulty approach to dealing with issues has led to (though I will be the first to admit Sabina being a outsider of the family issues can help give her chance to spot any future conversation as a mediator).

I was not expecting to feel this protective of the Hedonist toward their own family, but yeah, Evie and Henry haven't made the best first impression from their three year reunion with them. Do I think that Hedonist can benefit from a little guidance and that I can understand the reasons for the rules put upon them considering their past behavior (especially depending on who what choice they did to get them exiled)? Yes. But do I also feel like its a two way street and the other side of the family have to do their own part and stop throwing stones mostly at the Hedonist when they clearly are living in their own glasses house? Also yes. I can't really begin to guess how the reveal of the full affair story will unfold from Harry's end or how the first meeting from his end will go, but I can already safely say that while my Hedonist may be willing to hear his side of the story, they are going to call him out on his bull and are firmly staying on the Camila side on the romance.

Long story short, really enjoyed this update; certainly made me feel a lot of emotions and I'm pretty sure I there are still some I have yet to pinpoint. Can't wait to interact more with Sabina and the rest, while watching how the family dynamics will be like after this recent event.


Ahh, thank you!! I certainly agree the rest of the Coelho Barretos don't come across very well; I'd argue the entire family has serious problems with honesty and morality, but The Hedonist has always been the one cast out because they've never hidden who they are, while the rest of the family is more than happy to have a few skeletons on their closet.


O mc é o cicle breaker kkkk, adoro ❤️

Exato <3


Assim que eu vi que Albarzia era inspirada no Brasil eu sabia que a história ia ser incrível, todo o cenário e contexto político/socioeconômico é familiar e ao mesmo tempo você conseguiu dar uma identidade própria pro país, sendo sincera não peguei os correspondentes reais de todos os estados ainda, mas não vão faltar chances pra isso kkkkkk. O hedonista tem uma personalidade já definida de certa forma (que é super divertida e marcante, com os momentos de mais introspecção pra balancear, com certeza uma pessoa que tem muito mais a oferecer do que tem deixado aparecer na história até agora e nas interações com os outros personagens) mas não faltam oportunidades pra gente construir nossa versão dele, você alcançou um equilíbrio muito bom nisso. As opções românticas são todas sensacionais, vou precisar fazer a rota de todos, mas vou admitir que o Val mandou o papo contra a burguesia e me venceu na hora kkkkkk. 

P.s.: eu tinha minhas teorias sobre o Nicholas, e fiquei feliz em saber que acertei, já amei ele também e estou super curiosa pra saber que impacto ele vai ter na história. Animada pros próximos updates e muito feliz de ver uma escritora brasileira por aqui! :)


Ahhhh, muito obrigada!! <3

Outros brasileiros já mencionaram quererem saber os correspondentes de cada lugar. Acho que vou ter que fazer um post sobre isso!


This is really good. I like Camila.


Didn't realize the thing updated a while back and all I can say is that this is a rather enjoyable thing you have made here. Now all that is left is to see how this little thing is going to develop.


love how well rounded the mc is!


Thank you! I love writing The Hedonist!


my attention was caught by Camila but Calvin appeared and grabbed me by the neck >.<

hahahah That's what replays are for! So you can romance both <3


An adventure that take you on a ride through mc’s emotions.

Love it !

Thank you! :-)


Love it

Thank you!


Hey there, great work so far! Thank you so much for making this, it's really good ^_^ I wanted to let you know that we've mentioned your story in our list of recommended Twine stories. But if that's not okay just let me know. You can view it here, let us know if there are any other details we should add for your title --> https://itch.io/t/1763600/twine-games-with-character-customization-part-1

No problem at all. Thanks for the shoutout :-)


I really love this game(?), I think the final game is going to be really great! 


Thank you!


I looked at the ro's and why is my sister's husband there? 🤔😂

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the hedonist is jus that kinda person🧡(it's a marriage of convenience w zero attraction / romantic interest)

Ah ok


finally a game based in brazil, ah i'm glad


tava na hora, né? <3

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Hi, how can I keep up with when the new chapters will come out?

Hi! My Tumblris the safest source. I also have a Twitter!

Deleted post

Thank you for enjoying my game!


This was so incredibly fun and well made! Went in expecting to go for Harry but I love Val so much

Thank you! <3 Val is a popular one!


I literally want to pat his head and squish his cheeks

I love the game so far, but i have run into an issue when trying to save. I get an error 


Apologies! An error has occurred. You may be able to continue, but some parts may not work properly.

Error: prompt() is and will not be supported..

Stack Trace:

Error: Uncaught Error: prompt() is and will not be supported.

at Object.Config.saves.onSave (eval at call.output.output (itch-cave://game.itch/Exiled%20from%20Court%20(1).html?itchObject=eyJlbnYiOnt9LCJhcmdzIjpbXX0%3D:6:13664), <anonymous>:60:14)

at C (itch-cave://game.itch/Exiled%20from%20Court%20(1).html?itchObject=eyJlbnYiOnt9LCJhcmdzIjpbXX0%3D:4856:5243)

at y (itch-cave://game.itch/Exiled%20from%20Court%20(1).html?itchObject=eyJlbnYiOnt9LCJhcmdzIjpbXX0%3D:4856:1780)

at HTMLButtonElement.<anonymous> (itch-cave://game.itch/Exiled%20from%20Court%20(1).html?itchObject=eyJlbnYiOnt9LCJhcmdzIjpbXX0%3D:4856:19449)

at HTMLButtonElement.<anonymous> (itch-cave://game.itch/Exiled%20from%20Court%20(1).html?itchObject=eyJlbnYiOnt9LCJhcmdzIjpbXX0%3D:4850:4565)

at HTMLButtonElement.dispatch (itch-cave://game.itch/Exiled%20from%20Court%20(1).html?itchObject=eyJlbnYiOnt9LCJhcmdzIjpbXX0%3D:57:43090)

at HTMLButtonElement.v.handle (itch-cave://game.itch/Exiled%20from%20Court%20(1).html?itchObject=eyJlbnYiOnt9LCJhcmdzIjpbXX0%3D:57:41074)

" and I'm not sure what to do about it. It happens when i try to save in one of the slots as well as when I try to save to disk. I am using an M1 Macbook and have already turned off anything preventing cookies or changes from itchio so I don't know why this is only happening with browser games that I want to play, where other browser games that I play have no issue with saving. 

Any help would be appreciated, as this is affecting over half of the browser games I have downloaded from itchio directly. Thank you.

Hi! I'm trying to help, but so far I haven't had any luck. Tell me something: is this happening with a saved game, or on your browser?

I can't seem to find anything about it either. it is happening with a few of my browser games saved on the itchio app, but i have managed to make it work when using a browser directly. So, if this issue can't be fixed then I will just continue directly from browser. This was a big shock for me because on my windows laptop I could save just fine, but maybe it is just a small mac issue as I've only found 1 other person complaining about it and they also had an M1 Mac.

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